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Factors you should posses to become a successful actor or actress

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Most people believe that possessing talent is crucial to succeed in the world of acting. And while it is true that you should possess some talent, your education is what really matters. If you are looking for good education, or a team of professionals who will transmit their acting knowledge to you, then you are looking for us, at Kids Act LA acting school.


There are many factors you should take into consideration when it comes to acting. The style of enunciation in speaking or singing, called diction, is one important factor. You have to learn how to express yourself when presenting a certain character. Dancing and singing are also important. You may have to play in musicals and you should develop your dancing and singing skills accordingly.


Another thing you have to train is your memory. You can develop this skill through memory exercise at our institute. Improvisation is also crucial. Just imagine yourself in the middle of a play and you suddenly realize that you have forgotten the lines. Without improvisation, you will be lost and ashamed. However, if you take our improvisation classes, you will not find yourself embarrassed.


Since you are interested in acting, you probably know that body language is another important skill that you must perfect. You have to learn it well, in order to play your role in the way it should be played. Relaxing after a hard day of work, or after playing a difficult role, is priceless. So, why not consider yoga and meditation? They are included in our 18-month acting course too..


To conclude, it is never too late when it comes to learning the secrets that make a great actor or actress. If your child is willing to learn and gain the necessary skills, you should contact us at Kids Act LA Acting Classes for Kids. For any further information about our course, you can check our website too. With our help, your child will be on his way to becoming the next acting expert.

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Kids Act LA's Actor Courses Helps In Grooming your acting skills

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Acting can be a tough job. Most people might think that it’s all about talent and that the life and work of a movies star is a walk in a park; well it’s definitely not so. Sure, you can have a natural talent for acting. Usually most people don’t, but instead they have put in many hours of study and work in learning the necessary skills to perform.


Becoming a famous and esteemed through your talents is not a birthright. No matter how much you have already studied the art, it’s all about a combination of talent, knowledge and opportunities. And what comes to the necessary education and the required learning process, it’s never a bad idea to hone your skills to perfection. Kids Act LA Acting Classes for kids might just offer the one Actor Course one has need for, which might also just be that one thing which put an actor’s career in acting onto the right course. Their Actor Courses will chisel the talent and make children find their true potential. Therefore it is that what gives them the self-confidence they need, to make them professionally stand out in the highly competitive world of acting.


Kids Act LA Acting Classes is known to chisel natural form of talent and “demystify them”. Sounds awesome, and looking at their company testimonials written by some of their former students, it surely seems to be a fact instead of just a marketing phrase. What comes to acting, it’s an art of its own. The basic thing is to be able to learn line after line by heart and connect with your audience. Real talent is to perform those lines in a way that allows you to deliver needed emotions to any given audience. Reading and learning lines is one thing which you can do that with enough repetition, but emotions, acting and performing are things that one can learn and chisel to perfection.


Therefore, taking an Acting Course run by professionals and experts can really be a truly valuable asset. You can learn new skills or even learn something about yourself and the way you act. Professionals can polish your skills in a way that you learn how to use your strong points to your advantage and hone them to obtain the maximum possible outcome.


You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to realize that constant learning is beneficial in any area and life and work. If you already have skills and/or talent it is truly valuable to have the opportunity to practice your skills in front of professionals and experts. No matter how skilled or talented you may be, sometimes, outside opinions and review can be necessary “out of the box” thinking, that can polish your skills way further than anything else. That it’s exactly what Acting Courses provided by Kids Act LA.


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The Hidden Acting Agenda - Kids Act LA

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A Hidden Acting Agenda is a new term to describe an old phenomenon: actors hiding some trait, condition or quality of theirs because one or more of these ingredients was the source of upset earlier in their lives.


It goes like this; an actress who has been told since she was a child that she "gets upset too easily and it's annoying," might word an agenda like this: "I must never let myself cry." This unstated agenda becomes an ingredient that is a main ingredient of this person's behavior. This, for an actor, ensures that the actor will not reveal or select the ingredient that has caused them prior anguish. This choice ensures that the character will be weak and less affecting than if the actor allowed herself to cry.


Hidden Acting Agendas prevent actors from developing their talent. This happens because; their talent may lie behind, connected to or within these "undesirable conditions."


In our work our actors students at Kids Act LA Acting School, it often takes us some time to uncover these well-protected agendas. By bringing this acting problem to their attention, we hope to speed up their progress and enable them to realize the extent of their talent.


Adventuring into, uncovering and resolving your Hidden Acting Agenda(s) is essential to develop your acting to the height of your ability. By not harboring these crippling agendas your vital ingredients are freed and could well be part of your success. Your ingredients, prohibited by hidden agendas, become dormant and un-acted.


Un-acted personal ingredients can't arouse feelings in the audience, a casting director or anyone. However, these un-revealed ingredients cause distress in actors who are restricted by these agendas and compelled to hide them. These actors make their ingredient choices to avoid these ingredients or faults.


The faults of great characters are not imperfections but are extensions of, essential to and indivisible from their personality.


The adventurer in an actor should defy the illogic and the "demands of a Hidden Acting Agenda" resulting in how a character "must be" portrayed.


Actable ingredients include qualities you would rather hide or avoid - all of them. Hiding or avoiding your own ingredients only weakens your characters. Actable ingredients are always personal.


Connecting with, and then developing what you may consider your flaws are life giving to characters. Your unique qualities are what differentiate you from other actors.


All people have some imperfection and these flaws resonate when you allow one of your flaws to exist as part of your character presentations. We are only impressed by what we are attuned to and most of us are attuned to the flaws we protect. And when we see an actor reveal what we know to be an imperfection, we are moved.

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Important Lessons by Kids Act LA for Successful Acting Career

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There are lots of things that an individual must know as an actor. But here are a few lessons underlined by our experts at Kids Act LA Acting Classes that one should learn early in their career. These are:


* Those who wish to make their career in acting join an acting school or acting course. These schools make you learn how to play a role. You will learn how to challenge, to stretch and to grow. In our real world, we do not act outside our physical abilities. You must have a clear sense that who you are and how it can affect your performance or the role you are going to act. Playing a role involves soul searching, requires hard work and suggestions from friends, agents, teachers and casting directors. All these things will help you to reflect the person whose role you are playing. A good actor is capable of playing different kinds of roles. You may not be playing each and every role, but your experience will help you get the right job.


* You must understand when you are in an acting school San Francisco, it would be the hardest time you ever had. Lots of hard work and dedication would be required to reach the level of perfection. You must believe in yourself to even feel like you have got hold of yourself. You need to learn patiently and work hard every day to turn yourself into a new you.


* Getting through those first couple of years is difficult and you need to work at it every day. Leaving it to chance will never help you get quick and good results. You have to make those mails, calls and read those trades so that you can have quick results. Learning business skills in acting is very important and even some acting schools make their students get a hold on this. Acting is a business and you have to schedule your time to work at your business. The day when you get one good lead will be the good day of your career.


* Several people will vet you before they present you in front of a person who is actually going to hire you, i.e. the director or producer. It is a complete chain of trust as director trusts the casting director to find some new talent. The casting director trusts agents and agents look for the acting schools where new talents appear every year. Those who love acting, the best place where such people feel excited is an audition room. Making someone impress with your acting is a quality of an actor.


It will be good for you to be a part of a good acting school. Such schools have excellent trainers and acting coaches that will make you learn some outstanding skills.


If you are looking for the best acting school for your little one then come and enroll him to Kids Act LA Acting School the most specialized acting institution in all of California. We are leading in acting, as well as in personal growth. We specialize in children. We allow for our graduate to secure a successful career in TV, commercials, print and film.


In business for thirteen years Kids Act LA Acting Classes Orange County has helped a large number of child actors harness their dedication. Our children have grown and prospered with us. They have become outstanding, communicative artists who have successfully been booking work in film, television and commercials, and if looks-wise qualifying, they have obtained employment in the fashion world of print.

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Kids Learn Natural Acting at Kids Act LA to Steal Hearts of Audience

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All have dreams and it motivates us to live a great life. We are not talking about dreams that we see during sleep but dreams that does not let you sleep and motivate you to bend over backwards for achieving certain goals in life. Life gets meaning when we have such intense dreams. Many people have different dreams based on their passion and talent. Some like to become a singer while some other likes to become well known in sports. Some people even love to become an actor. Is your child interested in becoming a good actor but not feeling that he or she has needed skills? Then approach us at Kids Act LA as we provide efficient acting classes especially for kids.


Acting in theatre is entirely different from acting in films. An actor has good experience in acting dramas but has never acted in film. Films are more realistic in nature and one needs to make audience feel that he is living and not acting. All lights, camera and other set-up are different from that in drama and actor suddenly become conscious and numb during selection process. This causes rejection and we at Kids Act LA help a young aspirant in avoiding such scenarios through rigorous training for facing situations similar to that of real film-shooting.


Kids Act LA Acting Classes have very good impact on our students and this statement is not just a flash in the pan. We are telling this after seeing the results in our students as many of them already got established in the acting field. You can get more information on it through our site Have a great time with us as we are very friendly too apart from being good teachers. Friendly environment is needed for helping students to imbibe lessons well but training offered is still rigorous & strict. No compromise is made on giving high quality training.


Sets are built by us and one needs to act in front of cameras in these sets. This helps him in being familiar with real life shooting programs. Many different sets are created and are given various situations to act. It makes kids well-versed with mostly all sets, emotions and situations which prepare them well for participating in film-tests with much confidence. If actor feels nervous then his eyes communicate his nervousness instead of the emotion to be communicated and this causes his rejection. Be very comfortable facing camera and sets with our help and communicate emotions efficiently.


Kids Act LA Acting Classes lets your kids know more about various other methods adapted by us in order to make a proficient actor. He becomes very comfortable and do not feel like acting but reacting. His eyes speak his mind and audience sense he is feeling emotions expressed by him in reality. We have many tricks up our sleeve to make him act naturally for touching hearts of people around. Kids Act LA makes your kid a complete actor having all qualities needed to become a superstar. If you think that your child is a real lover of actor, then have the best place for teaching him the fine art of acting. Have a great time at our place and enjoy the various techniques taught.

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Ways to Practice Your Acting - Kids Act LA

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Being a full time actor, you'll know how important it is to practice over and over again until you perfect your role. Some practitioners make you believe that you can only do this on the stage with people watching you, while others think that you can practice your acting skills anywhere you want.

Here are a few "unconventional" ways suggested by our experts at Kids Act LA for you to practice your acting skills.


Go dancing

Take dancing lessons and learn a new move or two. Why dancing? Well because it's just another way of self-expression. In a way, dancing is sort of like acting. You give out and show emotion and passion with every step and you want the people watching you to feel the same way. Check your local college or gym and sign up for a few dance lessons. It's not only good for your acting skills; it's also exercise and another talent that you can put to good use.


Talk to yourself

This might sound crazy, but talking to yourself helps you get used to what you'll be saying. This is a big plus when you're getting ready to face a crowd, camera or interviewers from acting agencies in New York. When you're alone, just grab a mirror and recite a few lines from your favorite piece or play, something that you're familiar of and look at how you speak, your facial expression, even eye movement.


Speak in public

You can't be a good actor if you can't speak properly in public. Public speaking should come naturally to you, but if you still feel afraid to get up on that stage and talk to a crowd then you're going to need a lot of help. Start by reading. Read a lot of books and read some of the phrases and words out loud. Then you can move on to orations and speeches by famous people through history. Try to perform these in public to practice how you deliver them and make it a point to practice.


Meet people

You can definitely practice your acting when you're out meeting new people. I'm not saying that you play a different character when you're introduced to someone, but it's more on how you act around others. In the acting industry, you will be working with a lot of people. There are not a lot of introverts in the entertainment world so go around and meet others so you'll get used to people. Who knows, you might just become friends with someone from an acting agencies in New York that can give you a break.


This is a big plus when you're getting ready to face a crowd, camera or interviewers from acting agencies.


Enroll you child with Kids Act LA to learn Acting, Voice and Speech, Movement, Camera Technique


Kids Act LA and all Aspects of Personal Growth

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Music, drama, dance, all the expressive fields of endeavor contribute to children’s growth and personal development.

Kids Act LA leads in any and all aspects of personal growth, speech, diction and the ability for the young performer to express her, fully.



Acting is everywhere. Different situations require for everyone to become who he or she needs to be to have things turn out. Kids Act LA performers do exactly that. When give life skills towards expression, Kids Act La children get to become powerful highly involved and successful individuals, who are able to adapt to any and all situations. Children who love to ham it up are very much sought after by the institution. The ability to speak, laugh, cry, experience joy, sorrow, anger, and to express all those feelings is paramount for commercial actors, and especially actors for TV dramas, comedy and film. In an ever changing world, ruled by unreliable sources such as the internet, or bias new programs etc.



The young actor gets to learn how to be who gets things done, whatever he or she takes on. Kids Act LA are amazingly creative and deliver flawless performances. You can call the institution for an appointment and learn if your child has what it takes. You will know exactly if your child has abilities towards the film, TV and commercial industry, through the very effective evaluation process, at Kids Act LA.



As you call for a free evaluation you will be asked questions which may or may not qualify your child for the evaluation process. If you child is brought in and passes, Kids Act LA success rate is a whopping 97% success rate.




Helping Your Child Star A Career in Entertainment

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Many parents believe their child has a special talent and wants them to show it off to the world. Though some of these parents probably have grandiose ideas for their child and their ambition might never amount to anything, others are absolutely right on and their child has a bright future in the entertainment industry. If you consider yourself to be in the latter category and you believe your child truly has what it takes to gain fame one day, there are a few important steps you should take early on to ensure success. First, find the appropriate professionals to create a team that will support your child in their business endeavors. In addition to dealing with financial matters, you will also need to worry about public relations and finding work. A modeling agency or acting school like Kids Act LA can help you get started. These institutes guide you toward professional careers in the entertainment industry.


The first thing you need to do either for your child or together with your child is set priorities. They need to understand that until things get rolling, their job is to focus on school or just being a kid. If things take off and a career in entertainment seems like a definite possibility for their future, their priorities can shift a bit. However, it is important they plan for both scenarios, just in case. As the parent, you are responsible for keeping them on track and making sure their focus is on the right things.


When working with professionals in the industry, you want them to give you honest and accurate assessments. Some stage or entertainment parents have a tendency to get upset when agents are honest with them. They tend to overreact when negative comments are made about their child. Many would prefer dishonest answers about their child's talent, but that is not doing anyone any favors. Even if the news is that your child does not have what it takes to be in the entertainment industry, it is important for people to be honest about it. Ask the pros to be direct, so you know what to expect and what potential your child has.


Regardless of what happens, make sure your child knows there are plenty of opportunities out there. While thinking about an entertainment career, encourage them to also focus on school, learning to play an instrument, playing a sport and learning about the world around them. Working in entertainment should never feel like your child's only option. If their entertainment career takes off, they still have plenty of interests and they are a well-rounded person.


Finally, encourage your child, but do not push too hard. Make sure they know you believe in them and that you are there to support them. Sometimes they need a little push to keep them focused and on track. If you know and the professionals feel your child truly has talent, a little pushing will not hurt. However, if you push too hard, your child might end up resenting you and their career.

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How to Keep Your Child Safe in the Entertainment Industry

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The pride and excitement that a parent feels when their child is up there on stage performing can be an amazing experience. Whether it is theatre, film, television, modelling ... the overwhelming sense of accomplishment for both parent and child can be very powerful. But for many, that wonderment can drive parents to overlook some of the most basic safety precautions, resulting in terrible exploitation of their child - and great harm both physically and emotionally. A parent must be perfectly responsible with no room whatsoever for error in a business where paedophiles infiltrate and thrive.


Sometimes it is the parent who has a dream for their child to be a performer and pushes their child in that direction. Other times it is a child who wants to pursue being a performer. And of course, it is often both who desire stardom. Regardless, the same rules apply as to how to keep your child safe.


So what is a parent to do? First and foremost, educate and learn as much as possible about the entertainment business and what is acceptable in the industry. Then decide if allowing your child to be involved in the industry is something that you feel is acceptable to you. Not all parents are cut out to be "biz parents", just as not all kids are cut out to be professional performers. Learning absolute safety and teaching it to your child without frightening them requires a great deal of tact and special communication skills, as well as the capability of encouraging them.


Here are just a few of the many safety precautions underlined by our experts at Kids Act LA to always adhere to:


• Never let you child out of your line-of-site. Ever. Anywhere.


• Do not take your child to meet an agent or casting director outside of a professional environment such as an apartment unit or motel room. Always meet in a professional location such as studio or office building.


• Never allow a photographer to take photos or video of your child in swimwear unless it is a professional modeling job, booked through a legitimate licensed agency and the photos/videos and monitored carefully for any inappropriate usage. Swimwear photos are NOT necessary for a child actor’s portfolio. It is not acceptable to allow a child to model in undergarments, as those products should be advertised without models.


• Do background checks on the people who will be involved in your child's career and bookings. This can be done through such websites as Intelius or PeopleSmart.


• Carefully monitor your child's internet activity. Remember that pedophiles and child molesters are abundant online and very often target aspiring child actors and models.


• Always understand and never forget that YOU are your child's first line of defense, and never rely on anyone else to protect your child.


• If you suspect anything that could be even slightly considered exploitation of a minor or illegal activity, report it to the authorities immediately. What you do not expose, will in all likelihood harm other people's children.


• And don't let your guard down just because a child's agent, casting director, photographer, producer, acting teacher, etc., is female. It may be a statistical fact that 95 percent of child molesters are male, but don't forget the other 5 percent of child molesters are female. It is best to practice the same safety precautions with everyone regardless of gender, age, race, or sexual preference.


• Do not assume that if you sign your child with a reputable talent agency and they book legit roles in films, television series, commercials, etc., that they are safe from being victimized. There are pedophiles in all areas of the business, some of whom are reputable and have not been checked out. Never let your guard down.


Kids Act LA offers courses designed to teach our children the skills needed to get an edge in the entertainment industry. Our mission and ultimate goal is to allow for our children to achieve personal growth and empower them towards substantial achievements in the film TV and commercial industry. Kids Act LA is committed to offering acting classes to children who will be able to obtain acting contracts with top talent agents in Los Angeles. Although, the law doesn’t allow for us to offer guaranties, our success rate is tremendous, because we are a selective acting school in Orange County and Los Angeles.


Great Acting Is About Emotional Intelligence

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To this day, many actors struggle with this concept within their actor training. Many acting classes and acting courses tend to veer away from this area, as it is felt that it is very psychological.

This is an interesting standpoint for an industry that is built on revealing the psychology and lives of characters. Surely this requires the actor to delve into the emotional states within themselves to recreate those states for a character? This was what Duse did to create her outstanding body of work.

There is an actor training that does focus on emotional recreation - Method Acting from Kids Act LA Acting Classes.


Kids Act LA Method Acting lessons focus on allowing the actor to get in touch with themselves to recreate emotion, consistently. Its foundations were borne out of Behavioural Psychology, where it was established that humans react to sensorial stimulus.

During Method Acting courses, the actor spends a lot of time reliving personal memories from their past in conjunction with their senses. For example, to recreate joy, they may work on a memory where they experienced extreme joy - and relive that event by recollecting the sounds, sights, tastes, smells and feel of the event. During acting classes, the actor carries out these acting exercises to recreate the correct emotional content, as emotion in itself can only be recreated through the senses.


Kids Act LA offers courses designed to teach our children the skills needed to get an edge in the entertainment industry. In business for thirteen years we have helped a large number of child actors harness their dedication. Our children have grown and prospered with us. They have become outstanding, communicative artists who have successfully been booking work in film, television and commercials, and if looks-wise qualifying, they have obtained employment in the fashion world of print.


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