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Posted by ofkamnelusw1983 on June 9, 2017 at 8:30 AM

We are born for a reason. Our life unfolds with predetermined aspects, whether we are aware of it or not.

When we are on the right path, life is kind to us. Whatever has eluded us pertains to choices and quests which are besides what we are meant to achieve during this lifetime.

Profound changes can take place in one’s professional and or personal life. There is a Path which we are meant to follow. It has to do with the lessons which we come to this plane to learn.

We all understand the concept of greater purpose. Everybody’s path is chosen at the soul level before we incarnate. Each and every one of us has dealt with a sense of inevitability. What is meant to take place within the universe, though will unfold. So long as we choose to evolve within our chosen path.

An environment which is service oriented, for instance, maintaining and/or cleaning, indicates that you have chosen to be of service to your fellow human beings. The lessons are such of selflessness. A physician heals. A life coach is a door opener. We are such “door openers” at Kids Act LA. What we teach pertains to education within a competitive field of endeavors.

“You can’t make a healer out of a performer, or a financier out of a craftsman or an artist. Each of us has a given path to follow. Following one’s path brings us success in our given field. It enables you to travel the Unavoidable Path and when such achievement is brought about; you will know deep inside that you are fulfilling your destiny.”

Some of our children have chosen this field of endeavors as a recreational activity and are meant to book a few commercials, TV shows and become attorneys later on in life. God help you if you end up being a lawyer. Others are meant to grow up to become A list actors. Some Kids Act LA children of ours are series regular actors on television as we speak.

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